2015-07-09 09.46.03

I often ask myself the question: am I going the right way? Is what I am busy with getting me closer to where I’m aimed at. Sometimes I have to re-align and ask…what am I aiming at?

I was driving on the highway, talking to God about all the changes taking place in my life. I am moving into a new business which I love, but from my perspective it moves away from my ultimate goal. In the logical sense of life, where I was is supposed to get me where I am going. The mindset, the resources, the workforce were all there. But I just wasn’t happy there. My season came to an end as I at last made the decision to move. But I am left with many questions. Somehow, the place which made sense didn’t move me to the next base.

So we are driving on the freeway. I am asking many questions. I am fearful of not reaching the place where my dreams, skills and purpose meet up and create a glorious monument of all He has placed in me. Because that’s the goal: using what He has given me.

So we are searching for the way there. And as I am taking the offramp that directs me to my (new) house I sense the idea of being directed in a certain way. Taking a specific offramp for a special specific reason. A direction that seems to have no reason, but one that He knows the layout of.

So I will trust that.

That is all I’ve got.

This idea of Him creating offramps for His precious beings to guide them towards their destinies that He dreamed of first. And He smiles as I have the guts and take the effort of leaving the mainstream traffic for now. Because sublime journeys are waiting.

Off course… of course.

Because that’s how He rolls.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD

Honestly: I struggle to live by this. I believe it, but its still scary driving alone on a road…good luck with YOUR journey


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