Flip the switch

Its like when the electricity goes. Its one little switch, but it determines whether there’s light or not…whether there is life or not…whether I can see or not…whether I can see the TV’s images or not…whether I stub my toe or not.

The switch does not change the set-up of my living room, neither does it blind me. It just takes away the illuminating, life-giving factor.

I prefer my soul to be illuminated. Illuminated, my soul and mind knows and accepts, responds to and lives according to the truth. The truth that my strengths outweigh my weaknesses…The truth that God’s promises are real enough to anchor to…the truth that I am capable…the truth that I am blessed with talents and good instincts…

But boy oh boy…do not let the switch flip down.

A whole garrison of lies dive down into my mind sometimes. Fear or a challenge makes the switchboard malfunction and all illumination is stolen for a second…or two…or three…
And the longer I let it stay that way, the longer it takes to push the switch into the upright position again.

The longer I take, the more I doubt myself…doubt the future…the more I wallow in pain…the more I judge others…

It is a simple thing of choice; one which has become easier in certain situations (but alas not always and everywhere the quickest thing to do). The choice of switching to peace right after the moment of panic…of choosing to remind myself of all He has done in the past, and will do again (no matter what the current circumstance tells me).

The truth of me and Him does not change the people around me or even necessarily the circumstances I find myself in. Like a well-known living room that descends into darkness in a blackout, my life can seem dark due to a challenge I find myself in. But it is my choice of whether I am going to grab hold of His luminance…or carry on stubbing my toe in fear.

The switch is quite close. I am able to reach it any time I choose.

I love the moments when simply by pulling a positive thought my way, the source of light and life is reigning in my life again.

I do not win every time…but the victories are more now than yesterday or a year ago…and so the sources of truth-stories and memories become more and more.

Him…Him in me…me with Him…we are a winning team. That is my truth. The one I will again and again try to switch to, whatever the reason for momentary loss of current.

Is 41: 13

For I the Lord your God hold your right hand; It is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.”


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