Judgment day

So…this happened a few years back…hope I’ve come to my senses about many things…

Anyway, here we go:

You walk into the room and all of a sudden my psyche reverts to the mentality of a highschool snob.  I am 29, but your choice of clothes and hairdo – though you are my age – is so old fashioned and dowdy and for some reason I decide that your mind and worth is likewise…beneath me.

We haven’t seen eachother for years, so due to good manners I enquire about your well-being, the trip you took a while ago…and then the emotions in my heart and mind start raging against each other.

When did I become this person…this judging, snobbish, blind person.  Blind at the true value of a person’s life.  I pride myself in working for a good cause and dreaming about starting a charity…but I don’t have a sense of the worth of the person right next to me.

Thank you dear person.  Thank you for letting me fall flat on my face and realizing that my inner being still needs some adjustment…that I have not arrived…that I still have some way to go.

Because as you started talking, the trip you went on took up the story of an outreach going to people who have not been as privileged to have things, to know God…as I have been all my life.  I realize you are greatly nearer to your purpose of  being a dynamic part of God’s body than I am.You are so humble about the tasks you took up in another country in a rural community; wondering if you prayed enough and whether it was good enough. It was not good enough…it was awesome!!! You are awesome…and forgive me for seeing you in any other light than that!!

I remember a moment I had with God a while back..just being…and  a thought ran through my mind: “You are bigger than your father, you are smaller than your mother.”

My mother: the person who puts everyone before her, who would hate to hurt anyone, who never thinks of herself…but thinks so highly of everyone around her. I think she gets it: how to love God’s creations as they should be loved; with no judgment or insults in her eyes…ever.  Because she sees them through His eyes, not her own.

My dad and I: the logical, dynamic, organized individuals who are critical about people and situations…who know so much about so many things…but forget how little it is worth sometimes.

Yes, my mother is truly taller than most people in her vicinity, though she is such a short little person.  Her pure love and regard for people lifts her person up above that of our society which puts people in boxes according to their whims. Think about the worth of the heart, the mind, the love, the care, the help…locked up in each one of us.  And that is what life is actually about.  That is what we crave in times of trouble, when we are forced to look at life honestly.

Thank you for this lesson.  Thank you for helping me to see the world a little more through His eyes, instead of my own.

John 15:12

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.





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