Running MY race

So a friend and I start talking…about our frustrations

We are both loyal people…loyal to those around us, to our companies…and we know that God has blessed us with employment and opportunities…but we are immensely dissatisfied with our current experience of life.

But I have been on a journey these past 4 weeks: where I have learnt…

… that I do not have to fear an authority figure just because I am loyal to him

… that others’ opinions (no matter how wise they are) do not have to determine my choices

… that it is okay to fail in others’ opinions

And I know these are basic ideas, but to grasp the magnitude of these approaches if applied…

… that I can choose to run in my own lane and that those who stand in my way of experiences and life, I have the option of removing them out of my way.

People are suppose to help me…I will allow them to advise me, but no longer will I allow them to be stumbling blocks in my lane.

I want to run my race and reach my end goal, my way, not theirs.

…they that wait for Jehovah (not man)…shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint…


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