I have learnt recently that I have a choice.  God showed me this – thank You Father.

I have always pressed into whatever bothers me in a situation…someone in a bad mood?  I ask: what can I do to relieve the tension?

Someone making stupid comments… I choose to get irritated…

Someone offends…I choose to take the offence.

I say choose…because that’s what it is: my CHOICE.

I believed that my sense of discomfort is just how it is going to be, but then I learnt that I have the power to choose…to choose to put space between me and other people’s vibes, words, actions…that I am stronger than that…can be smarter than that…

I no longer have to place people between me and LIFE…they always stood in my way, but now I can focus on what I want life to be for me…not what their intention or manipulation wants to choose for me…cause after all, it may not be that they want to be against me, they are just making a choice for them…and now I’m making the choice for me.  And so I am a better human towards my co-humans, as my levels of irritation with them falls greatly!

My choice isn’t made with pride, not with nastiness or a bad attitude…it is just made with new-found freedom…

Thank You Lord

For ye, brethren, were called for freedom; only use not your freedom for an occasion to the flesh, but through love be servants one to another.


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