You, mine, yours

You’re not a knight with shining armour

come to rescue this damsel blue

You’re not a superhuman man

who shows up with your saving crew

A billionaire with houses lots

or aristocrat with titles not

An icon or a Hollywood stud

or even a poster boy…you’re not


But so much more, you brought me smiles

A feat most men have gave up on

You came and sent my thoughts all wired

Changed up emotions I thought forgotten

You came out of nowhere

You challenged, you stood and you proved

Proved the value of someone who can know me

Someone who has made my world move


You’re the mind I match my concerns against

weighing my reasons for what emotions brought

You show me the proof of having gotten through it

and the beauty that soul then was brought

You inspire and tease and encompass me

’cause you’re bigger than others who have bored

Larger than life you became in my world

’cause you’re you, you’re different…and made me yours


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