Why does this matter?

I’m not even in America. So why does Trump’s win bother me? Maybe his choices will affect my country’s economy. So that is a reason. I do not yet know if it will be for the better or worse though. So for that I can stand and wait.

But why did I just spend an afternoon looking through posts and opinions and memes and articles about people with very little relevance to my life?

It is because I hate what has won. Not who. What.

I hate that arrogance has won.
I hate that lies have won.
I hate that money (turned into power) and manipulation won.

Because that is what I see in his speeches and what I read in his actions.
Proof of this is blatantly visible in his disregards for women’s worth as well as his miss-interpretation of situations to suit his own agenda e.g. telling lies about an Obama speech.

Do I feel sorry for his wife who chooses to stick by such a fool?
No – she chooses that.

Do I want to shun his whole family?
No – I can not disregard the good that comes out of a situation and surely no person is only bad.

Do I think that Hillary was the better choice?
No – no necessarily, because I do not know what lies beneath her crafty surface and she takes a stand for some frightening causes.

But do I weep for the fact that out of 325 000 000 people, it came down to such a frightening choice? Yes!

Surely there are good and honest people who also have the guts and intelligence to lead wisely. How come it is not their faces that are paraded around a nation?

That saddens me: When the good that is within us all (because we were all originally made good by God) is not what is celebrated and is not given a chance to thrive.

Do I fear the future? NO…somehow we (and America) will survive. I just wish I could believe that it would be effortless due to a trustworthy leader, rather than a volatile character. I do not know if God and His principles will be given a chance (as their nation’s slogan says), but I know He can do miraculous things.

I just wish there were more truly Godly leaders. Not holy moley Bible punching hypocrites…simply people who spoke and lived according to what He knows is wise. Because that’s why He gives us morals and guidelines…because He knows what is good for us.

So good luck Trump – may you not run a country into the ground. Good luck America…let’s see what your choice brings.

But now…I shall not forget my own country.

And though everyone around me may feel we are as lost as America, I would like to still stand and proclaim my faith in this country, just as I believe in the possibility of God having an influence in America IF WE LET HIM have an influence.

And this happens through us. Through good people. Through people who live what is right and grab hold of the conviction that we can shine a light and see how darkness tumbles.

And we have many such leaders…and of that I am proud!!!
Are they perfect? No
Are their records blemishless? No

But, oh, I have seen them fight the good fight for the sake of our country and not simply for personal gain.
I wish there were more Zille’s and Leon’s and Maimane’s. (I wish I had their guts and determination some days).
Though they are not saints, I do not doubt these people’s characters that chose to fight for people’s rights. And in South Africa we have given these people power. Power in the form of a position that can have influence.

And of that I am extremely proud.
And that gives me hope for a future even though every newspaper seems glum.

I do not aim at being naive…but hopeful yes!

I do not condemn America or its leader, but I think they chose an interesting ride.

May both the countries survive current leaders.

May we realise the impact of every choice and vote we take.

May we allow Him to lead us in it all.


That’s just me.


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