I learnt about God’s music in my soul

I stand on stage.  I’m playing keyboard. I love it…following the chords on the sheets of paper before me and experiencing the music I am taking part in. It’s a worship session during a church service…and I’m blessed by using our gifts to glorify God.

The pastor asks our Music Director for a specific song…and I’m done…i can’t take part, because the song he asks for is not on the list before me, so I’m lost.  I’m not the kind of musician that can determine what to play unless its given to me on a music score sheet…I’m just not that good.  So I won’t take part in this one… though  I would have loved to.

On guitar this evening is one of my oldest friends.  For 15 years he has been a mentor and a friend, a band leader and a colleague.  He turns around.

He knows.  He knows me…he knows I’m lost without a paper.  He knows.

And he whispers…G…E Minor…D…every chord…he leads me…

Rewind to about 2 hours earlier driving to band practice before service and feeling in my being that I am just a bit lost…just unsure of what to do and how to handle some things in my life…I need direction for every step ahead, because what will come next in my life is important and will take huge steps of faith. Career choices, how to handle emotional and spiritual challenges.  How do I go about this Lord.

And then my friend happens…and its as if God is whispering to me.

‘Do you see how he knows?  Do you see how he cares enough to turn around and face you?  Do you hear how clearly, above all the noise and music on stage currently, you can hear every…EVERY…SINGLE…chord. Crystal clear.

That is Me…in front of you…whispering at every step and turn and direction…and you will hear.  And it is not any other person on stage doing this.  I am using him because you know this person’s voice the best…it is familiar to you…you recognise it…in the same way you recognise Mine…because we are familiar to each other…trust each other…and Love is the reason why I WANT to turn around towards you and guide you every step of the way.’

And that was His message…He is the leader in the music of my life…guiding every chord and movement.  And He is trustworthy…and present…and on time…and I will stay in rhythm with His direction and guidance…

…because He knows

Is 55

Incline your ear, and come unto me; hear, and your soul shall live: ….


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