It’s probably the worst choice you can make: Getting up earlier than usual because you need to catch a flight…and then watching news headlines and Facebook stories while you drink your EARLY morning coffee. Somehow the sadness strikes harder when you’re still technically asleep.

The human race is cruel as powerful men abuse privileges and keep people in poverty; Ordinary people-evil ones-abuse animals; People resort to stealing simply to survive; THE WORLD IS SAD.

And like icing on a cake I’ve learnt a lot about fake news this past year so I don’t even know which of the stories are true anymore. And which is worse? That there are horrible things happening or that I don’t know which stories the media made up?

So here are my thoughts then: Why did I get up this morning? Why try to survive and excel in such a hopeless (feeling not fact) world? Why try to make a difference if everything seems to go downhill…fast…always.

So that’s how I get into the car and I feel the tears welling up because despondency is slowly creeping in. But as I share my thoughts with hubby my words also spark that other thought which always trumps these feelings: God has hope.

God has hope for tomorrow otherwise He wouldn’t have given me purpose. He sees the future and in it many people and situations are different from today. Why? Because PEOPLE. People start up businesses to help others prosper. Ministries start up anti-trafficking projects (Thank you A21 for always inspiring me). I am better off today because people heeded His words and I can do the same for others. For every animal abusing idiot there are a few who fight back and clean up the mess.

I guess that’s what’s frustrating. Instead of simply using the potential He gave us to help this world flourish we often have to fix mistakes others have made. Yup. That’s just stupid. We are a stupid race.

So here’s my challenge: Do I get pulled down into the abyss of hopelessness or will I slot into His way of thinking?

There was this one morning when a political story had me doubt all I hope for this country. The minute I burst into tears-simply not seeing how anything is going to end well in SA-my God gave me Word and shared His point of view with me. And it was good. I’m not saying easy. But in the end: Good.

And that’s all I have. His perspective. Only it’s very hard to hold onto sometimes.

It’s what sets us apart from the crowds I guess: Will we do what they do or follow His ways? Will we FEEL what they feel or trust His opinion?

It’s hard. But it’s what He calls us to when He says we should not be of this world. We should be OF HIS THINKING.

It’s not easy today. But that’s the power of free will. I can act and do like the masses or choose to be the one who turns around and I may just change the direction this stream is flowing.

He’s a long term planning God. And I want to see what He makes happen a few years from now. So I won’t judge this life by what I see today.

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