In your/Your hands

I learnt a lot from a small blonde 3-year old boy this week.

He simply met met…admitted me into his room…allowed me to play with his toys…and totally turned my world upside down in the process.

I ask the Lord how I move forward in trusting for a Life-partner…a career…my future.

And what does He show me?

Blue-eyed-boy walking up to me and placing one of his toys into my hands…without fear…without holding back…with belief.

Belief that I will fix what has been broken.

Belief that I will help him build the bridge he is busy with.

Belief that I will not let it get lost…or broken…or forgotten.

And so…this is what God is inviting me to:

Come dear child and allow me to show you that I can be trusted with whatever you place into My (CAPABLE!!!) hands.

I will not forget…or destroy…or let go.

I will improve…and plan…and dream…and with unsurpassable power partner with you in bringing this thing to the best of its ability.

Together…we will build.

So I’m letting go…I’m placing this into Your hands…and believing.

I’m trying this.

Psalm 56

In God have I put my trust…What can man do unto me?

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